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Disc 1 Gta V Download [BEST]

A few months ago I purchased GTA V for my Xbox 360. The other day I purchased GTA V online for my cousin but only received Disc 2. I know I can get my money back and all, but I only paid $10 for it. Can I use my Disc 1 and install it on her Xbox 360 and then use the Disc 2 that I paid for on her 360 or are the disc sets coded so you cannot do that?

Disc 1 Gta V Download

This is because of the fact that Microsoft is still selling the license for the disc. This was their plan with the Xbox One and allowing for "Steam-like" usability (log in anywhere and be able to play the game)

I.E. I pay for the digital version = I wont receive the disc but for as long as that file remains on the server, I will have access to it and be able to play it without having to mess with inserting stuff in the drive.

I just got a copy of GTA V but only disc 2. My brother doesn't have the game right now but he has disc 1 (install disc) on his HDD. I know I can transfer it to a flash drive but is there a way to copy it so it's still on his HDD and the flash?

I recently found out that my gta 4's disc 1 is missing or it got stolen probably and now i cant play gta 4 What can i do ? Can i somehow use disc 2 in place of disc 1 ? I also cant find any crack for Any help would be appreciated.

Warning: Selecting Safe Mode option 7 deletes all information on the console, including the System Software. Visit the guide below to download the reinstallation version of the PS5 console system software.

Halo 5 was the problem game for me. I tried absolutely everything but in the end had to buy a new game disc. Working fine now.Do you have your receipt for The Divison? If not Microsoft have a game replacement program on their website for games that have been purchased within 90 days.

Now it is 2 weeks now i have been trying to download a single game it keep saying installation stopped. i have over 25 games which all were digital none was disk, after the division incursion update game out i started downloading it it got stucked at 20% then i tried everything , i mean everything , i went to the extent of deleting all my games all to zero . i reset the xbox to factory setting like i just bought it.

I am trying to install star war battlefield from disc and every time it stuck at 74% and give installation stop, I am doing it for two day this error does not resolve please guide how I install this game from the disc help help

I tried everything, hard reset and nothing worked to install mortal combat xl, but when i had the disc in and went to the online store to download it, it worked. Prior to that i was at 0% install stopped.

So I tried everything I have read on the internet when I was trying to download fallout 4 it kept stopping around 65% finally found away to download it I figured I would share it with everyone just in case it might work for someone else.

When the Xbox powers back up go to your games and apps and hover over the game if the game has started downloading again launch the game. If not resume installation and immediately launch the game after

Now with most games such as fallout 4 you have to wait for the game to download before you play so what worked for me was just sit at the loading screen and wait for it to download. If I launched Netflix or YouTube it would stop downloading so, have patience and wait for it to download

It is completely unacceptable that after all these years, people are still having this same problem. I bought a brand new xbox one x. It has a manufacture date of June 2018. I tried to install A Way Out for almost 6 hours! I tried everything this article mentioned, nothing worked. It always stopped at 32.5%. Finally I used the hotspot on my phone to start the download. At 2.2%, I ejected the game disc and put it back in. Automatically, the game started installing from disc, until 32%. Then the internet took back over to finish it. Completely unacceptable Microsoft. I have had nothing but problems with my xbox one. I seriously question my purchase decision.

If the options above still don't work, you might need to reinstall the OS. This option will delete everything on your hard drive so you better back up all your data first. You can still download the software again using your PSN account.

After you download and install 4DDiG, launch the program and connect the external hard drive of corrupted PS4 to the PC. Once 4DDiG detects the drive, select it and click Start to scan for lost/corrupted files.

Moving GTA Online progress is relatively simple, with a remote cloud transfer through the Social Club service. The offline Story Mode save transfer requires a little extra legwork, asking players to manually upload their previous save file before redownloading it on the enhanced version.

Migrating your GTA V Story Mode transfer requires some extra work, uploading GTA V save data to the Rockstar Games Social Club cloud before redownloading it on PS5 or Xbox Series XS. Unlike the interconnected nature of GTA Online, the offline story mode isn't designed to sync with online servers seamlessly. You'll need the old version of GTA V available to upload your Story Mode data, alongside the next-gen version to download your save file from the cloud.

It appears that if you have already installed GTA V via Steam, you still needto download a full copy of the game files via Epic Games. However, by doingsome tricks, you can let Steam and Epic Games share the same set of GTA V gamefiles to avoid downloading the game again and thus save disk space. We will usethe MKLINK command on Windows, which is not well-known, to create a link tothe existing game files. The link works as if the linked files and folders areexactly there, but it occupies very little space.

Once GTA V is ready to play from Epic Games, visit the folder storing GTA Vgame files again, copy GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe similarly as in step7, but label them as game files downloaded from Epic Games this time.

In the future, if you want to launch GTA V via Steam, make sure the executablesyou copied in step 7, which are the ones you labeled Steam, are in the GTA Vgame files folder. If you want to launch it via Epic Games, then you should putthe files copied in step 12, labeled Epic Games by you, back to the gamefiles folder. These two files, GTA5.exe and PlayGTAV.exe, are the only twocritical files that differ between the copies of GTA V downloaded from Steamand Epic Games.

Yes, physical PS4 game discs will play on PS5. You'll be able to insert physical PS4 game discs into the PS5 and play them, as well as download digital software you've purchased from the PlayStation Store. Note that you won't be able to use physical game discs on the PS5 Digital Edition (See Also: PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5: What's the Difference?), as it doesn't have a disc drive.

It would be great if it's BC all the way back, but Sony are blatantly having one eye on future sales whereby they release further remastered versions of old games etc. I think PS3 and PS4 should be essential because, if anything, you would then be able to download ALL games on PS Now. The connection on that service makes streaming unplayable a lot of the time, which means half the service is worthless. If you could download ALL the games then it's value would be so much better. Not bothered about PS1 or PS2 personally (as long as they release a remastered THPS3 of course)!

I can understand why Ps3 bc wouldn't be feasible because of it's architecture.Support for Ps1 & 2 discs should surely be easy at this point however. I guess they'd rather sell the titles to you again though.

@Darylb88 PS5 WILL PLAY 99% OF PS4 GAMES via BC so if on ps4 disc just insert it will play better version if have digital games just download on ps5 all ya ps4 games regardless if own or from ps plus can just download simples.

Not long after posting I saw an faq on the PS5 website confirming that it's not possible. I really only want BF4 and hitman 2 which are my fav disc ones but they are also both on PS now so all might not be lost. Looking forward to Gran Turismo and Hitman 3 the most. What about you?

Assassin's creed Syndicate: you have Shadow issues on the world.Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash: you have some shader issues on characters BUT only on certain Stages like Peach Beach (Night)Modern Warfare (2019): Refuses to work when you own the Disc version. will tell you to reinstall the game every time you restart the console. only fix is to download the game to the SSD and keep it there. moving the game to the SSD when it's already installed does not work

Not sure if it is a coincidence, but Tuesday when I wrote everything above I also emailed Epic and Chair about the LRG physical version of Shadow Complex not finding the latest update. Today when I got up and turned the PS5 on it notified me that it was downloading an update for Shadow Complex. The physical version works now.

Just ps4 what you forget where you came from. Us gamers built your PlayStation brand on the ps1 ps2 and ps3. Can you not show loyalty to us by giving us an emulation engine to play our ps1/2 and 3 discs on ps5 not just ps4 give us our games back on to the latest console. Its just software!

If your game uses a launcher that downloads additional updates, do not complete this step. Doing so will replace your updated game with the base launcher, and you will then need to re-download the updates through the launcher.

Fix 1. Delete corrupted data manually Full stepsFix 2. Delete downloads and redownload Full stepsFix 3. Rebuild the PS4 database...Full steps

To avoid data loss, we strongly advise you to back up or clone your PS4 drive to a bigger HDD. PS3 and PS4 hard drive space can quickly run out of space once you start downloading games, demos, and HD videos. When PS3 or PS4 hard drive full, you need to upgrade the small hard drive to a larger drive or SSD to improve your PS3 or PS4 system. Besides, this helps you avoid data corruption. 350c69d7ab


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