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Kasim Flowers
Kasim Flowers

And When He Gets To Heaven To Saint Peter He Will Tell Just Another Soldier Reporting Sir, I’ve Se \/\/TOP\\\\

Many alternatives exist. The most common is the replacement of "soldier" (which refers to an enlisted person in the Army) with "Marine" (which refers to an enlisted person in the Marine Corps). Since the poem is so short it is often used as a last stanza for much longer poems.Another alternative is "and when he gets to Heaven, to St Peter he will tell; my brothers are still down there sir, I'm going back to hell"

And when he gets to heaven to saint peter he will tell Just another soldier reporting sir, i’ve se


Zanik1 posted...I used to crash every 5 minutes but I stopped using quicksaves and haven't had one since---And when he gets to Heaven, to Saint Peter he will tell. One more soldier reporting sir, I've served my time in Hell.

Under this comparatively kind and indulgent master, my mother knew little of real trouble. Her first experiences that might be called real troubles came after my father had gone to the war. Mr. Suggs, fearing that my father would come back and get mother and her four children, took the two older children, Ellen and Franklin, to Georgia. I will say here, that when the Union soldiers were around the slaves could just walk off before their master's eyes, and he dare not say a word. So by separating the family, Mr. Suggs seemed more likely to prevent their escape with the Union soldiers. When Ellen and Frank were sent away,Lucinda, the next little girl, would have been taken too, but she was sick at the time. So she and baby Calvin were left with their mother. And now followed dark days for mother. Husband gone, she knew not where, and herself blamed for his escape; and now her two children in strange hands and carried away to a strange land! She had also a sister belonging to the same master. To add to her troubles, her sister died at this time. It seemed her cup of bitterness was more than full. 350c69d7ab


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