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主角ディルク的后妈,ルーフェン的王妃。 极具宣讲才华,并有着一头漂亮的金发,在社交界被称为边境的至宝。 从外貌上看是个安静平凡的人,但其实非常聪慧,相信人性本善,对恶评不断的ディルク依然坦诚接受,时常要求女儿更正其对ディルク的言行。.声优: 上戸琉 カンザキカナリ 紫苑みやび.剧本: さんきち.TAG: SIM 架空世界 公主 女战士 触手.ztc asdfzxh 回复 种命.东皇太一 (资深会员).dfghjkl1 回复 东皇太一.ioriwakin (活跃会员).这个 是一种浓浓的情怀啊! Can't find a movie or TV show? Princess Lilia animal desires and distorted Dirk is at the mercy of the black conspiracy, it was to become subject to the Discipline of humiliation humiliation Dirk, the prince of the kingdom of northern frontier country Leuven.However,三昧debauchery from his youth curse, there was even a movement to try to recruit to the king next to Lilia princess to be filled with bravery and "Princess Knight" White in the sister-in-law of the born of a different mother of his among princes.The help of Asmodian cursed frontier-tribes of the north, on the advice of the staff are from Chirico also Asmodian, Dirk of such a predicament, embark on the rule of the kingdom aiming to reverse the tide.Leila is the mother queen and the scheming of Chirico Not a member? エーベルヴァイン CV:上戸琉 主角ディルク的妹妹,ルーフェン王国的王女。 去年,由于邻国入侵而打响的クローヴィス战役中极为活跃,并创造了胜利的战机,因其美貌与白色的外衣获得了白色公主骑士的称号。此外,其继承了先祖圣人クリストフ? エーベルヴァイン CV:紫苑みやび 主角ディルク的后妈,ルーフェン的王妃。 极具宣讲才华,并有着一头漂亮的金发,在社交界被称为边境的至宝。 从外貌上看是个安静平凡的人,但其实非常聪慧,相信人性本善,对恶评不断的ディルク依然坦诚接受,时常要求女儿更正其对ディルク的言行。.翻页快捷键: 1 2 下一页 尾页.全部评论 无节操的饭团君.帝国禁卫军 回复 种命.某部MEET AND FUCK GAMES里面有,还有虏姬3里面的三位女主


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