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[S1E6] Boyfriends And Work Don't Mix ##BEST##

After King (in Luz's body) finds himself in the cat café while trying to escape from Boscha and her friends, Eda admits to him that his life is terrible. Luz (in Eda's body) manages to distract Roselle and Dottie long enough for Eda and King to escape the café. The trio finds themselves surrounded by Lilith and Coven Guards, Roselle and Dottie, and Boscha's gang, but after Eda undoes the body swap on herself, King, and Luz, she casts the body swap spell on everyone else, causing enough chaos for the trio to escape unnoticed. However, they soon realize they don't have a verdict on who is going to clean Hooty. As Luz is about to suggest working together, Eda and King count themselves out and leave her to clean by herself.[20]

[S1E6] Boyfriends and Work Don't Mix

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Lou goes to Maggie's and meets with Peter and shows him an article in the newspaper about the CEO of Big Sky Industries who's working on Eco-friendly pipelines. She tries to convince him to try and get a meeting with him, he's not sure as there are bigger companies with more money. Eventually he gives in and says he'll try to get a meeting when she tells him that he's staying at the Dude Ranch and has a meeting with him tomorrow. Lou goes back to Heartland and sees Scott they catch up before she asks what an orphaned foal is doing there as they're too much work. Jack isn't happy about Richard Chenoweth being there and Lou tells him she's having a cook out with him to show her hospitality. Lou and Peter greet Richard at the Dude Ranch, he tells Peter that Lou lied to get the meeting, but doesn't mind. Later, they sit and chat by the dock about business, Peter bring sup his plans for a project in Dubai. He goes to get fire wood and Lou goes to get some dessert when Richard approaches Lou and begins flirting, making her uncomfortable. The next morning, Lou tells Peter and Richard about the Cougar report and that they don't have to go on the trail ride, they're both happy to go still so they set off. When they stop for lunch, Peter ties up the horses when Richard creeps up on Lou, startling her, and tells her that he didn't sleep very well and it was her fault. When she tries to tell Peter he thanks her for bringing him here. As they're on their way back, the cougar jumps out growling causing Richard to fall from his horse, they manage to scare it away. They reach the Dude Ranch and Peter goes to get his phone to call Wildlife and Lou helps Richard. He holds her hand and asks her to kiss it better, she tells him to stop and he grabs her more when Peter re-enters the cabin. He immediately tells him that Lou was all over him, Peter and Richard begin fighting and Peter kicks him out. Lou apologises to Peter but he assures her it's not her fault and has no reason to apologise. The next morning, Lou is served with a lawsuit from Richard claiming he was never told about the cougar and has received serious injuries from the incident. Peter tries to comfort her and promises they'll work it out. Later, Amy answers the phone to Richard but Lou tells her to tell him she's not there and she goes into her bedroom closely followed by a concerned Amy. Lou tells Amy what happened and admits she feels she's lost her confidence. Amy turns the tables and suggests if it had happened to her would she let him get away with it, she's determined to to let him get away with it and heads out with Peter. Lou and Peter are sitting in his car outside Richard's hotel, she tells Peter of her plan to talk to him. She calls Peter and leaves her phone open in her bag so he can hear what's happening. She is greeted by Richard and they talk about the lawsuit, he tells her that it's his word against hers and he has more money for better lawyers. He proceeds to tell her that he can make the lawsuit go away, she clarifies that if she spends the night with him he'll drop the lawsuit and he agrees. He tells her that he'd call her a tease, she tells him he's a lecherous old fart and shows him the voice recorder with other women's testimonies of similar stories. Things become physical and Peter rushes in to see that Lou has handled herself, the pair leave. The next day, Lou tells Peter that Richard has dropped the lawsuit, he's happy and tells her he'd have to with the testimonies. She admits that she never spoke to anyone and there's nothing on the recorder. He tells her that he loves her and they share a kiss. (Growing Pains)

Lou isn't happy when she sees a friend from school, that cheated off of her tests, in a magazine with a thriving business. Giving her inspiration she see's the flyer for the Jam-Bor-ee and decides to enter. After Lily's arrival, she asks Amy about her. She tells her that Ty doesn't talk much about her and that it's been years since they last saw each other. As she's leaving Lou reminds Amy that there's a new horse to work on that can't be saddled. Lou tries to persuade Mrs. Bell to team up for the jamboree since her recipe is loved by all, especially Jack. When Mrs. Bell refuses she asks for her permission to enter using her recipe, to which she agrees but warns her it's a "nasty business". At dinner, Lou tries to talk to Lily and asks about her new job, she goes to pour some wine but Lily stops her. When Amy asks where Lily will be staying, Jack offers up a cabin at the Dude Ranch, Lou agrees. The next day, Lou tells Lily that while she's there she's going to put her to work, helping with the jam. Lily offers to go to Maggie's to pick up some more jars for her. Later they both taste the jam and are disappointed when it tastes good but not great. Lou calls Mrs. Bell, who doesn't answer. She decides to go over there while Lily stays behind to see Ty. Lou arrives at Mrs. Bell's and sees two ladies chatting to her. They introduce themselves as Pearl Arsenault and Florence Rook, they tell her that they are the head of the Women's Union and in charge of the Jamboree. They tell her that entering with someone else's recipe is against regulations, so she tells them that she and Mrs. Bell are a team therefore not breaking any rules. As they leave Mrs. bell and Lou laugh, Mrs. Bell warning her that she's now made an enemy of Pearl who's won every year. Lou tells Mrs. Bell that the jam doesn't taste right. She explains that she left out the secret ingredient so people don't think she's a lush, and hold up a hipflask. At the jamboree Lou is handing out pamphlets with her jam and both Pearl and Florence are more than happy to tell her it's against regulations. Lou grabs her file containing the regulations and reads out the section that states newcomers can hand out information pamphlets. This quickly stops them in their tracks but they continue with the jamboree and announce the judges. Later, first place is being handed out to Pearl, much to the disappointment of Lou. When one of the judges comes over to announce that he's a Hudson supermarket manager and would like to sell her jam. Lou is more than happy to gloat to Pearl. (The Starting Gate)

Lou tells Tim about a magazine that wants to put the Dude Ranch in the next issue. When she hears of Jack's fishing trip she suggests Tim goes too. Lou's recruited; Amy, Mallory and Caleb to help make some touches to the Dude Ranch before the photographer arrives. Amy tells her she's busy with the horses and Mallory has plans at a friends house for the weekend, leaving just her and Caleb. She tells him that Peter is free so he'll be stopping by to help too. Peter then tells her that he's going fishing with Jack and Tim to try and get to know them better, he also asks her to watch Max for him while he's away, which she agrees to reluctantly. After they wave them off, Lou suggests they have a girls night with the three off them (after Mallory's plans fell through). At Maggie's Mallory lays some rules; they don't talk about their partners, Amy adds they order whatever they want but no salads. They're laughing and joking when Mallory starts to hide behind her menu, she tells them that the friend that cancelled their plans is now here with the popular girl from school. Lou and Amy try to help her out but she ends up leaving embarrassed. The next day, Lou and Caleb are working at the Dude Ranch when she notices Caleb on his phone rather than doing work, she hangs up and orders him to sort out the pumpkins. They then notice Max has gone and can hear yelping nearby. They rush him back to Heartland as he tried to befriend a porcupine and is now covered in quills. They call Scott, who comes to help Max. Lou checks in with him after the accident and he says he's been thinking about regrets lately, she tells him life's too short. The next morning, Lou rushes to the Dude Ranch only to find Tim's cows on the path after Caleb failed to check the fence. She calls Caleb but he doesn't answer. At the barn, Lou tells Amy and Mallory about it and they all rush off to help round up the cows. After they finish getting the cows back to big river, Lou tells Amy that she's fed up of missing Peter with him being away a lot. She heads back to the Dude Ranch and Caleb starts clearing up all the muck just as the photographer arrives. He notices one cow that got left behind and loves it, asking fi she can bring in some more. The guys are back and Lou asks what happened to Peter's black eye and Tim's split lip, they both lie and say it was a branch or a fish. Later Peter says they should go on a trip just the two of them when he gets called back into work and has to leave again, disappointing Lou. Later, Lou finds Jack and tries to get the real story but he starts to tell her another tall tale about catching a large fish. (Catch and Release)

To Annie's horror, Gabrielle goes to work on Max, jolting him with a taser. She tells Max that she loves him, apologizing for being bad at feelings. He tells her that it's going to be okay, but she says that if they're to die, she's not okay with how things are right now. She then drops casually the idea that she's worked for the mob, causing Gabrielle to ask her just what she means. Annie is referring to some of her work that she's done as a lawyer, but claims to Gabrielle to be "big time" with the mob. Max, picking up on what Annie is attempting, agrees. Gabrielle, however, calls it out as an obvious bluff. She moves to tase Max again, but before she can, Esteban enters with an envelope, indicating that Cassie is in Iceland. The two settle to chat, stating that they need eyes on Megan Briscoe. This leads Annie to wonder if maybe it's Megan that they're really after and that they don't even really care that much about Cassie. Max manages to break his zip-ties and sneak a photograph of the Diazes. Gabrielle then comes back over, indicating that she and Esteban are leaving, and warning them that they'll kill them if they call the police. Afterwards, Annie wonders just who Cassie's double could be, if it's not Gabrielle. 041b061a72

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