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The Truth Behind The Eugene Tejada Alleged Scandal.flvl Video

Eugene Tejada Alleged Scandal.flvl: A Hoax or a Reality?

Eugene Tejada is a former sexy actor who starred in some indie movies. He is also a murder suspect who has been on the run for four years. He allegedly killed a supermarket supervisor named Frenil Bautista in 2017 after mistaking him for molesting his live-in partner. But what is the Eugene Tejada Alleged Scandal.flvl and why is it trending online?

The Truth Behind the Eugene Tejada Alleged Scandal.flvl Video

The Eugene Tejada Alleged Scandal.flvl is a video file that claims to show the actor in a compromising situation with another man. The video has been circulating on social media platforms and file-sharing sites, attracting curiosity and controversy. Some people believe that the video is authentic and that it exposes the actors true sexuality. Others think that the video is fake and that it is part of a smear campaign against Tejada.

So, is the Eugene Tejada Alleged Scandal.flvl a hoax or a reality? The answer is not clear, as there is no definitive evidence to prove or disprove the videos authenticity. However, there are some clues that can help us evaluate the videos credibility.

Clues to Evaluate the Videos Credibility

One clue is the source of the video. Where did the video come from and who uploaded it? According to some reports, the video was first uploaded by a user named Chegueselebia on SoundCloud, a music streaming platform. This raises some questions: Why would someone upload a scandalous video on a music site? How did they get access to the video? What is their motive for sharing it?

Another clue is the quality of the video. How clear and convincing is the video? Does it show Tejadas face and body clearly? Does it match his voice and mannerisms? Does it have any signs of editing or manipulation? According to some viewers, the video is blurry and grainy, making it hard to identify the actors. Some also claim that the video has been edited or spliced with other clips to make it look more scandalous.

A third clue is the context of the video. When and where was the video taken? Does it match Tejadas timeline and whereabouts? Does it have any relevance to his murder case or his personal life? According to some sources, the video was taken in 2019, two years after Tejada went into hiding. However, there is no confirmation of this claim or any evidence to link the video to his case or his partner.


The Eugene Tejada Alleged Scandal.flvl is a controversial video that claims to show the former sexy actor in a compromising situation with another man. However, there is no conclusive proof that the video is real or fake, as there are many questions and doubts surrounding its source, quality, and context. Therefore, viewers should be cautious and critical when watching or sharing such videos, as they may be part of a hoax or a reality. 04f6b60f66


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