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Age Of Mythology Gold Edition Torrent

4) Chinese-nerf chinese gardens. If you play in Arhaic Age you can generate only wood, in Classic age wood and pray, in Hero age : wood, pray and food, and in last age (myth age i mean its name) : wood, pray, food and gold.Also, in first age you can build only 2 gardens, in second age 5, in third age 8, and in last age 10 gardens- redesign titan Pangu, Make him more details and holding axe in his hand-and the most important things, redesign buildings color look like, color from 4th age go to 3th age and for 4 age make better color design for buildings with more color (Green, gold, yellow, without ugly wooden roof)-and made New (second campaign) with Chinese where they will conect with Norse tribe from the north Mongolia, Greeks (Alexander the Great army) in Himalais Mountain, and Atlantian Who comes from eastern sea. and after this Chinese will sending their expeditions on east and West. On West they come from south sea (indian Ocean), they believe they will meet Greeks but they visit Egiptian land with Greeks army (from red sea). Eastern expedition come to mesoAmerica and after one mision coming Aztec campaign

Age Of Mythology Gold Edition Torrent

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