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Dr House Saison 1 A 8

Eleven months after driving his car into Cuddy's house, three of which were spent on the run and the other eight in prison, House goes before the parole board and learns he has only five days left before he is released. A local prison gang leader then demands twenty Vicodin pills as an "exit tax." As House scrambles to pay up, he tries to treat another inmate (Sebastian Sozzi) with joint pain while turning Dr. Jessica Adams (Odette Annable) to his point of view.

Dr House Saison 1 a 8


The team takes the case of a teenage girl (Bridgit Mendler) who begins bleeding from her ear during an exam. She is thriving without parental influence and lives alone in a house, but Adams debates calling Social Services anyway. However, when her estranged mother shows up, the girl loses her right to consent to treatment. Meanwhile, Taub tries to connect with his daughters, and House tries to blackmail Foreman on his relationship with a married woman.

Plot: A teen Jane Doe (Bridgit Mendler) needs treatment requiring adult consent, but claims she is fleeing an abusive household. House and Adams debate whether to call Social Services, and Wilson soon realizes that House's interest in the patient isn't just professional, but personal. When the patient's mother shows up, it turns out the relationship is far more complicated than the team could have anticipated. Meanwhile, Taub can't connect with his infant daughters and House threatens to exploit Foreman's relationship with Anita.

Cette première saison présente les personnages et la dynamique que prendra la série : Gregory House, éminent médecin spécialiste du diagnostic mais misanthrope et dépendant au vicodin depuis un infarctus qui lui a laissé une jambe invalide, vient d'engager trois médecins pour le seconder : Robert Chase, un médecin urgentiste d'origine australienne, Allison Cameron, une séduisante immunologue, et Eric Foreman, un neurologue ayant un passé de délinquant juvénile.

As fans know, the Targaryens eventually lose their dragons, however, quite a few of them make their appearance in House of the Dragon. With the house at the peak of its powers, these fire-breathing monsters are seen flying all over Westeros.

In Hawkins National Laboratory, Martin Brenner sits down with an enraged Joyce Byers, who wants retribution for the faking of her son's death. Jim Hopper is repeatedly tasered and interrogated by Connie Frazier, who threatens to kill him and make it look like a drug overdose. Hopper tries to deal for their freedom to venture into the Upside Down and find Will in exchange for forgetting the lab's illegal activities. Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler set up several traps for the Demogorgon in the Byers house, and Jonathan creates a weapon by hammering several nails through a baseball bat.

Nancy and Jonathan slit their palms and end up holding hands. Before they can say anything, Steve Harrington knocks on Jonathan's door, wanting to apologize for fighting him. Noticing Nancy's slit palm and the house's state, Steve becomes confused and Nancy points her gun at him to get him to leave just as the lights flicker. The Demogorgon bursts out of the ceiling and they run to Will's room, where they have set up a signal to alert them to it getting caught in a set bear trap. The lights go back to normal and they realize it has vanished. Hopper and Joyce find a broken egg and the ruins of Castle Byers. As Hopper looks at a stuffed animal among the planks of wood, he remembers Sara having the same toy in the hospital.

Steve flees the house, but notices the lights flickering from outside and decides to go back in to help. The Demogorgon leaps on Jonathan, but is attacked by Steve with the nail bat. He beats it into the bear trap and Jonathan lights it on fire, causing it to flee, badly wounded, to the Upside Down. Inside the Upside Down version of her house, Joyce hears Jonathan's voice and Jonathan hears hers, her presence signified by the lights.

Tracy accompanied Karen to her house and comforted her friend. While they were inside, Karen told Tracy that she was starting with the funeral arrangements since Ed wanted to be buried with the navy, but only qualified for interment if he made flag rank and there was nothing there for children. Tracy told Karen that only a few hours had passed since Shane's death, but Karen asked her to cry somewhere else.

In the Season 1 finale, Fez got desperate and robbed a man's house in order to get the money he needed. When the homeowner confronted him, Fez beat the man within an inch of his life in order to get the cash and make a clean getaway. The violent lengths he went to didn't go unnoticed by Mouse, who stood up to confront Fez in the last minutes of the episode, gun in hand.

There's also the fact that Fez, who viewers have learned lives by some kind of moral code, crossed a line when he chose the house he robbed. The homeowner was a wealthy doctor who had connections to Mouse, which could cause the supplier to seek revenge. In addition, Fez (perhaps unknowingly) traumatized the doctor's son, as he was hiding in the hallway watching the fight, and Mouse could be upset about Fez either terrorizing the family or leaving a witness.

House of the Dragon season 1 came to a dramatic conclusion in an epic finale. The Game of Thrones prequel culminated in a brutal death as a war between the Greens and the Blacks feels inevitable. And that's not all: the finale also saw a shift in power among the allies of each house, a heartbreaking birth scene, and the introduction of a new dragon.

Oasis Plains, Oklahoma- Construction Site: The camera fades in to construction men working on houses. Two men, Dustin and Travis, start talking about the houses and how expensive it will be once the houses were finished. Dustin starts to hear and feel the ground shake a little. He feels around the ground and falls into a newly formed sinkhole. Travis rushes to the hole; Dustin screams that his ankle is broken so Travis goes to find a rope. Underground, Dustin starts to hear more noises and notices that bugs are all around him. As Dustin calls for Travis again, Travis runs and brings a rope to him only to find Dustin dead in the ground.

At the House/BBQ: At the door Larry Pike introduces himself before they even get inside and assures them that the house is open to any "Race, Religion, Color, or Sexual Orientation" assuming that the two men were a couple. Dean answers him by saying that they are brothers, and how they are looking for a house for their father.

Now on a tour of the house Larry and Dean get talking and come across a jar with many bugs inside. Larry explains that it is his son's. Meanwhile, Sam and Linda are talking about how the houses all have steam showers, as Linda is leaning on a counter where a tarantula is crawling towards her way. Sam excuses himself and takes the spider and notices a teenager behind Linda. Sam confronts the teenager who turns out to be Larry's son, Matt. They have a chat about their bad relationships with their fathers.

At night, driving: They discuss why the bugs would do this, as there were no signs of ghost activity. They bring up Larry's son because he does have bugs for pets. Dean tells Sam to pull over to the empty open house they were at. Sam objects to squatting; Dean states he wants to try the steam shower and Sam gives in.

Off The School Bus/Wooded Area: They find Matt at his bus stop and notice him walking the opposite direction from his house. They follow him into a wooded area. Matt gets nervous and asks if they are serial killers, to which Sam and Dean comfort him with a "no".

Driving/On the phone with Larry and Matt: Dean tries to impersonate Travis to get Larry out of the house to no avail, as Larry knows Travis. Sam then calls Matt and tells Matt about the situation and how he has to get his family out of there. Dean takes the phone and tells him to lie in order to get them out of there.

Attempting to call for help, they find all phone lines are dead and so is the power. They seal off all openings to the house. Dean then goes to find something to fend off the bugs. He gets some flammable bug spray. They then realize they didn't seal off the fireplace and the bugs fly in. They go up to the attic and termites start eat through the wood, allowing more bugs to get in. Everyone manages to survive long enough, as the sun comes up and all the bugs disperse.

The Next Day: Larry moves out of the house and production for the other houses ends due to the bones Sam and Dean found. Larry isn't too sad because he realizes what he didn't lose, as in his family. Sam gently confronts Matt one final time, as Matt is throwing away his bug collection.

After watching Harry and May being driven to school by seperate vehicles, Athena walks away from Michael into the house. They enter an argument when Michael wants to take their kids out and meet Glenn, his lover, which agitates Athena for the sake of Harry and May. Michael again fails to convince Athena to accept his outing, and she leaves for work.


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