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Can sleep deprivation hurt you long-term? Why do we sleep?

Experts report that sleep deprivation leads to daytime sleepiness, which has been linked to vehicular, home and workplace accidents. Studies also have shown that sleep loss can affect the immune system, although it’s not known if this affects disease resistance, in healthy people, experts have not found long-term health problems associated with sleep deprivation. Our need for sleep remains a mystery.

Humans, and for that matter nearly all mammals, have similar requirements for sleep. The average person needs eight hours, but normal amounts range from five to 10 hours.

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It is estimated that nearly a quarter of all Americans suffer from some sleep problem that can cause sleep deprivation, such as:

■ Insomnia, which means that an individual has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep;

■ Problems staying awake, such as sleep apnea, a condition in which one stops breathing during sleep, then starts again with a jolt, or narcolepsy, in which one Mis asleep suddenly and inappropriately, such as while driving or working;

■ Problems with adhering to a consistent sleep/wake schedule, such as jet lag or occupational shift changes;

■ Problems with sleep-disruptive behaviours such as sleepwalking.

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