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Kannada Gadegalu With Explanation: A Collection Of 87 Proverbs And Sayings In Kannada Language

Kannada Gadegalu with Explanation PDF 87: A Collection of Kannada Proverbs and Their Meanings

Kannada gadegalu are proverbs or sayings that express the wisdom and culture of Karnataka. They are often used in daily conversations, speeches, writings and literature. They can be witty, humorous, metaphorical, moral or philosophical. They can also reflect the values, beliefs and attitudes of the Kannada people.

Kannada Gadegalu with Explanation: A Collection of 87 Proverbs and Sayings in Kannada Language


Learning kannada gadegalu can enrich one's language skills and knowledge of Kannada culture. They can also help one to communicate effectively and persuasively in Kannada. However, finding a comprehensive and reliable source of kannada gadegalu with explanations can be challenging. Many online and offline sources are either incomplete, inaccurate or outdated.

That is why we have compiled this PDF book with 87 kannada gadegalu with explanations. This book is based on the online source "àààà ààààààà 2500+ Gadegalu in Kannada Language Script" [^1^], which contains thousands of kannada gadegalu sourced from various online and offline print media. We have selected 87 kannada gadegalu from this source and provided detailed explanations in both Kannada and English. We have also categorized them based on some common themes such as work, trade, worry, debt, greed, money, etc. We have also added some relevant images and links to enhance the learning experience.

This PDF book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn kannada gadegalu or improve their Kannada language skills. It is also useful for teachers, students, writers, speakers and anyone who loves Kannada culture. You can download this PDF book for free from the link given below.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and learn something new from it. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve this book. Please share this book with your friends and family who are interested in kannada gadegalu.

Download Link

Click here to download Kannada Gadegala Loka PDF [^2^]

Some Examples of Kannada Gadegalu with Explanations

  • à…ààà àààààµà ààààà àààààà.A person who has learned half is more arrogant.This proverb means that a person who has incomplete or superficial knowledge tends to be more proud and boastful than a person who has complete or deep knowledge. It also implies that such a person may not be willing to learn more or accept their mistakes.

  • à…ààઠàµààààà ààà ààààµ.Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.This proverb warns that a person who has little knowledge may think that they know everything and act recklessly or foolishly. It also suggests that such a person may not respect the opinions or expertise of others who know more than them.

  • à…àààààà ààààââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââ àààà àààªààààà.The lightning saved the dancing Alimayya.This proverb is used to describe a situation where a person escapes from a danger or trouble by a stroke of luck or coincidence. It also implies that such a person may not be aware of the risk they were taking or the consequences they could have faced.

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