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[S7E3] Mother PORTABLE

Barry: And what happens to us?Eva: You adapt to your new world. Same as I did. Don't worry, Barry. I'm not going to kill anyone. I'm not your enemy. What I am is a mother to a newer, better world.

[S7E3] Mother

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Like their tumultuous meet-cute followed by a grudging respect. this was an episode of ups and downs. There were surprising victories and sad defeats. There were favorite characters saved and same laid low. There were startling confessions and enough poison to make even that yucky green poison sticker that your mother put on the bleach roll his eyes.

In the ready room, Picard and Admiral Holt exchange greetings, and the admiral mentions they're hosting the year's palio and the Ferengi have been accused of bribing the Breen pilot into throwing the race, which doesn't surprise Picard. Holt muses that he wishes he was calling to catch up; he informs Picard that the USS Hera under the command of Geordi La Forge's mother, Silva La Forge, was lost during a routine courier mission operating out of the station. A massive search mounted by the USS Excelsior and the USS Nobel so far has failed to discover any trace of the ship, and all hands were presumed lost. Holt says he'll keep both ships at it for 72 more hours but is resigned to the fact that another week would not make a difference. Picard tells Holt he will give the bad news to La Forge and their communication terminates.

Despite the apparent loss of his mother, La Forge intends to continue on with the mission. He views the last message he received from his mother in his quarters when Commander Riker enters to try to talk La Forge out of performing the task and give him a couple of days off, but La Forge insists he should continue, as the interface has been specifically configured to his VISOR's inputs and there's little time if there are survivors on the Raman.

Later, he "is just passing by" Data's quarters and stops in. Data is contemplating the emptiness of his computer screen in the style of the Doosodarians. He initially asks if La Forge wants to talk about his mother, and he says no, however, La Forge gives in and asks if it's crazy to think she's still alive. Data factually replies he's not crazy, but statistics show that situations similar to those of the Hera rarely come out well.

La Forge becomes convinced that his mother was on the Raman, and wants to use the probe to communicate with his mother. Dr. Crusher and Picard refuse to allow him to use the interface suit again, and attempt to explain that it is highly improbable that he actually communicated with his mother who was last seen over three hundred light years away. Picard orders him to talk to Counselor Troi while Data comes up with an alternate plan to salvage the Raman. There, La Forge admits to Troi that he regretted not responding to his mother's last message, but he does not accept the treatment he's being given, as there's no evidence of her death, and he believes the image he saw on the ship. He abruptly leaves the room, since he has a theory of his own.

In the observation lounge, Data presents his plan to bring the Raman out of orbit. La Forge agrees, but presents his theory about the Hera: in his mother's last message to him, she stated that the Hera's engineer was experimenting with the ship's warp drive. He believes the trionic initiators, which are known to cause strange side effects on the warp coils, had created a subspace funnel. He believes that this funnel sent the Hera from its last recorded position three hundred light years away all the way to Marijne VII. Asked by Picard if La Forge's assumption is possible, Data says that this theory is but upon being pressed by Captain Picard further, he reluctantly admits that it is almost impossible. Picard makes the decision on Data's plan over La Forge's objections.

Afterwards, Picard sternly rebukes La Forge in his ready room for going against his express orders and informs him that the incident is going to be noted on his service file, before offering his condolences that he never found his mother. La Forge responds that the entity appearing to be his mother seemed real, and that in a way his encounter with the creatures allowed him to say goodbye.

"Geordi? I'm very sorry that you didn't find your mother.""Thank you, sir. You know, it's funny. When I was down there, it was so real. I felt like I had a chance to say goodbye."

Dean is following Sam's trail, and learns that Sam is after a kitsune. He catches up to Sam and is waiting for him in his motel room when he gets back from Amy's house. Sam tells Dean that the kitsune is taken care of, but when pressed admits that he didn't kill her. Dean is skeptical that the kitsune won't kill again, so Sam tells Dean about what happened back in 1998. Apparently, Amy's mom was the kitsune that John and Dean were after, and she rushed home with them on her trail. Amy tried to hide Sam from her, but she found him and was going to kill him when Amy stabbed her through the heart, killing her. Because she killed her own mother protecting Sam, he's willing to believe her when she says she won't kill anyone else. He asks for Dean's trust, and Dean says that he believes him and that they can leave the kitsune alone. 041b061a72


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