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Banzai attack Definition & Meaning Merriam-Webster

Banzai charge or Banzai attack (Japanese: バンザイ突撃 or 万歳突撃, romanized: Banzai Totsugeki) is the term that was used by the Allied forces of World War II to refer to Japanese human wave attacks and swarming staged by infantry units. This term came from the Japanese battle cry Tennōheika Banzai ( See more The meaning of BANZAI ATTACK is a mass attack by Japanese soldiers in World War II; also: an all-out usually desperate attack. a mass attack by Japanese From the movie "Oba: the Last Samurai"

Need even more definitions? The charge was a last-ditch attack because it almost always was performed once the Japanese forces had lost or were losing a battle.The Banzai Charge was based on the principles of honor and loyalty such as dying honorably rather than surrendering.Despite some banzai charges being successful, most were repelled by relatively small groups of allied soldiers compared to the usual number of Japanese soldiers.The greatest effect of the Banzai charge was not casualties, but the decrease in morale in most allied troops.Many soldiers feared "the dreaded banzai attack" and this itself sometimes affected performance in the field.Japanese soldiers however did sometimes surrender, but rarely in large numbers.They were also trained to commit suicide if the attack did not breach enemy lines and this included using grenades to kill oneself and any allied soldiers who were not careful.The weapons used by Japanese soldiers during an attack varied from machine guns, rifles, bayonets, swords, spears, knives, grenades, etc.The first Banzai Charge ever performed was on the island of Attu during the Aleutian Islands Campaign and it was one of the largest ever performed.Banzai charges have also taken place at the end of several other battles such as on Bougainville, Peleliu, and Saipan.On Saipan, over 1, US marines had been killed in one attack.World War II Wiki.Logging in will provide you with an ad-free website.It will also give you access to the Monobook skin, which is much easier to use and navigate.World War II Wiki Explore.Main Page Discuss All Pages Community Interactive Maps Recent Blog Posts.About Us Site-Map Image Archive Wiki Council Sign-up Sheet Veteran's Remembrance Document Archive Seabee's Bulletin Unsorted Information Wanted Pages Affiliates Recommended Reading.Grammar Images Original Works Transfers Sock Puppets Stamping Be Bold.Ranking Original Research Citations Categorization Blocking Userboxes Navboxes.Weapons of War.Aircraft Vehicles Ship Classes Artillery Infantry Weapons Munitions.Factories Fortifications.North Africa Siege of Tobruk First Battle of El Alamein Second Battle of El Alamein Battle of Bardia Battle of Kasserine Pass Operation Battleaxe Operation Compass Battle of El Guettar Battle of the Mareth Line Battle of Wadi Akarit.Battle of Guadalcanal Bombing of Pearl Harbor Bombing of Darwin Battle of Tarawa Burma Campaign Battle of Saipan Kokoda Trail Campaign Battle of Iwo Jima Battle of Hong Kong Battle of Okinawa.Battle of Stalingrad Siege of Leningrad First Battle of Kiev Battle of Seelow Heights Operation Bargration Battle of Berlin Battle of Kursk Battle of Sevastopol Battle of the Dnieper Battle of Rzhev.Invasion of Normandy Operation Market Garden Battle of Metz Battle of Cherbourg Battle of the Bulge Operation Varsity Battle of Caen Battle of St.Vith Battle of Aachen Allied Strategic Bombing.Operation Husky Operation Avalanche Battle of Cisterna Battle of Monte Cassino Battle of Ortona Battle of San Pietro Infine Battle of Anzio Battle of Rimini Operation Olive Battle of Ancona.Germany Luftwaffe Heer Kriegsmarine Waffen-SS.Regia Aeronautica Regio Esercito Regia Marina.Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force Imperial Japanese Army Imperial Japanese Navy.VVS Red Army Red Navy.United States Army Air Force United States Army United States Navy United States Marine Corps.Royal Army Royal Air Force Royal Navy.FANDOM Fan Central BETA Games Anime Movies TV Video.Explore Wikis Community Central.Don't have an account? make your English teacher proud.When Were Words First Used? Test your knowledge and maybe learn something a Contact Us to request an increase.High Definition HD available as ProRes or XDCAM files in p, p, p, i, i.See "How to Order FAQ" area for more information.Stills from this clip:.View large photo add to lightbox. Irregardless It is in fact a real word but that doesn't mean Registered accounts may order 25 FREE screener or proxy files for download per month.Need more? On this day in , the Japanese performed the largest banzai charge during World War II.It took place during the Battle of Saipan, in the Mariana Islands.Saipan is located about two hundred kilometers northeast of Guam, with a surface area of

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