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How To HOT! Download Youtube App On Ps Vita

From May 11th, 2022 content cannot be transferred from PS3 consoles to PS Vita systems. Content can still be downloaded directly to PS3 consoles or PS Vita systems or it can be transferred using a PC.Existing PlayStation Plus subscriptions will not be affected by these changes. You can access and download all of your existing PlayStation Plus content. Additionally, you will still be able to access your already purchased content from your respective devices.

how to download youtube app on ps vita

As of 14/10/2020 PlayStation Messages app for mobile devices has been integrated with the PS App and will no longer be available separately. Please download the PS App for Apple or Android devices to continue sending messages to your friends.

As of January 2018 the Media Go application is no longer available to download. Users who have the application installed are still able to use it and access the support website, but the software is no longer supported and will not be available to redownload should you delete it.

Traditionally, as a console gets older, the console maker adds new features and compatible apps for users to download. Sony is taking the opposite tack with the PlayStation Vita in the coming months, though, planning to disable a few apps and features that have worked on the system since launch.

Sony announced early this morning that it would be ending support for the Vita's free YouTube and Maps apps, as well as the geo-location features of the Vita-based "Near" social network. YouTube will no longer be available for download after February 28, and it will be officially unsupported after April 20. Maps and Near geotagging, meanwhile, will be disabled alongside a firmware update planned for March, even for users who decide not to download the update.

The new PS Vita YouTube application is now available to download for free from the PS Vita Store via the PlayStation Network. The new PS Vita YouTube app can also be used via 3G if you prefer. rather than a Wi-Fi connection.


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